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We are committed to growing each of our swimmers, and feature small class sizes with a 3:1 student to teacher ratio.   We offer morning, afternoon, and evening lessons for family flexibility.  Let’s get swimming, Pagosa!


Calm Waters Aquatics offers a distinct curriculum for each of the four age divisions in the Pagosa Springs Swim America program.   We follow national Swim America guidelines developed and franchised by the American Swim Coaches Association.

Program Information

Calm Waters Aquatics incorporates learning for all ages.  We teach Parenting Water Babies; a Preschool/Kindergarten Program for ages 3-5/6; a School Age Program for ages 6-18; and Adult Lessons.

About Us

Water is everywhere.  In Pagosa Springs we are blessed with natural hot springs, an abundance of rivers, lakes, streams and so many opportunities to enjoy time in and around water.

Calm Waters Aquatics is a learn-to-swim school that has been operating in Pagosa Springs, Colorado since 2011.  We are committed to cultivating a love for water recreation, safety and sport swimming in students of all ages.


Come Swim With Us

Water is our passion.  We want to share it with you!  Comfort and confidence for all ages is our aim.  Come swim with us!

We’ve Added a June & July 2021 Rec Center Schedule; See and Book Here

Swim Lessons at PLPOA Rec Center Calm Waters Aquatics is offering June and July lessons two day's a week at the Rec Center's indoor pool. June 7-July 20, 2021 Monday & Tuesday from 9am to 1pm in 30 minute lessons. Per lesson cost: $13 for 1st child in the family,...

Our 2021 Summer Swim Class Availability is Ready for You to Book, See the May – August Schedule Here

Our summer swim class schedule for Calm Waters Aquatics in Pagosa Springs, Colorado is ready for you to view, and book! Take a look at the following link, and send Susan an email with your detailed requests. Link: Download 2021 May - August Swim Lesson Schedule &...

We Have May 2021 Swim Classes Available!

Spring has sprung, things are warming up and it will be time for outdoor swimming soon!  Are you, and your family ready? We have swim classes available to help ensure safety on the water this summer. Contact Susan to book your swim class. MAY 2021 Schedule Monday /...
What is Swim America?

It is a learn-to-swim program developed and franchised by the American Swim Coaches Association. There are four age divisions in the Pagosa Springs Swim America program. Each has its own curriculum.
• infant-toddler
• preschool/kindergarten
• school age
• adult

How long are the lessons?

30 minutes

What is the student:teacher ratio?

The Swim America standard is 5:1. Here in Pagosa Springs, classes are 3:1, sometimes an even lower ratio in order to provide quality instruction and adequate individual practice time.

How do I sign my child up?

Click here!


What Our Families are Saying

I went from crying toddlers in the bathtub, to girls that absolutely refuse to get out of any body of water. I think they will now grow gills and fins, for they will spend hours swimming confidently in a pool, ocean, river, lake, or hot spring.

Both kids soared in their swimming skills and passed all levels beautifully! … Now, my daughter is going out for the high school swim team…all because she’s got confidence in her swimming abilities!

My boys now, would live in a pool if they could, and are fantastic swimmers!